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Manufactured by OrthoAccel Technologies, AcceleDent Optima is a vibratory orthodontic device designed to deliver better orthodontic experiences for orthodontists and their patients. An FDA-cleared Class II medical device, the product increases the predictability of clinical outcomes throughout the treatment process, even with challenging tooth movements.

AcceleDent Optima’s patented SoftPulse technology applies precisely calibrated low-pulsatile forces that transmit through the roots of teeth, stimulating the surrounding bone. Ideal for traditional braces treatment and clear aligner therapy, AcceleDent Optima is a strategic, technology-driven tool that helps orthodontists achieve high-quality clinical results.

For clear aligner cases, many orthodontists have found that the device improves tracking and tooth movement accuracy so much so that the finished result precisely mirrors the planned programmed movements. Orthodontists also report fewer refinements when integrating the device into treatment.

Orthodontists who incorporate AcceleDent Optima into their braces cases also report significant advantages, including the ability to advance through wire sequencing protocols more quickly, enabling them to spend more time in the detailing/finishing phase.

Regardless of the appliance, AcceleDent Optima gives orthodontists greater control and the ability to give patients more precise treatment estimates and expectations. Clinicians can make the treatment experience faster and more comfortable for patients, with published studies showing that the device moves teeth up to 50% faster and reduces discomfort by up to 71%.

The science behind AcceleDent Optima is supported by 15 peer-reviewed studies, including three randomized clinical trials and an interactive online case gallery that demonstrates the varying clinical benefits orthodontists have realized with the device. The gallery includes an equal mix of braces and aligners cases and illustrates unique treatment approaches that show how doctors treat different levels of case complexities with the device.

For more information, or to view the interactive case gallery and peer-reviewed studies, visit


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