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Planmeca Viso G5
Planmeca Viso imaging systems have taken a step forward in the evolution of CBCT imaging. Planmeca now offers two models, the Planmeca Viso G7 and the new Planmeca Viso G5. Both offer exceptional image quality and features for practitioners who need to be at the forefront of technology. The Viso G5 offers freely positionable field of views from ø3x3cm to ø20x17cm. The unit also comes equipped with four built-in cameras for live patient positioning and advanced technology equired for advanced diagnostics.

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Orthotown Magazine

Oasys Hinge Appliance
Glidewell Dental has released a new mandibular advancement device, the Oasys Hinge Appliance. This oral sleep appliance is Medicare- and PDAC (pricing, data analysis and coding)-cleared under Code E0486 to treat patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. The appliance is the latest addition to the company’s family of sleep therapy appliances.

The appliance is designed to gently shift the lower jaw forward during sleep, which activates the airway muscles and ligaments to prevent the airway from collapsing. It is custom-made for each patient for maximum comfort throughout the night. It’s microadjustable (0.25mm increments), with up to 10mm of advancement based on the patient’s needs. The telescope-style hinge allows for natural jaw movement and can be adjusted chairside or at home, making it both doctor- and patient-friendly.

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Orthotown Magazine

Carestream Dental’s newest intraoral scanner, the CS3700, centers around doctors’ needs and preferences with smart-shade matching, high-speed scanning and processing, and touch-screen capabilities.

The CS3700 can be used in a variety of specialties, including restorative, orthodontic, oral surgery and sleep dentistry practices. The scanner’s new software, CS ScanFlow, lets users select any workflow from a single screen for exceptional convenience and control. In addition, the software provides HD 3D scans.

The new scanner was designed in collaboration with Studio F.A.?Porsche, and features optimized curves, sleek style and comfort. Its ergonomically optimal grip channel gives users a balanced sense of scanner control, while an optional wrist strap connects the user to the scanner and prevents damage from dropping. Users can also easily switch between upper and lower jaw modes direct from the scanner, allowing for more focus on the patient.

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