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Henry Schein Orthodontics Hosts 5th Annual European Carriere Symposium in Barcelona
In late September, Henry Schein Orthodontics hosted 200 dental practitioners and 40 dental practice members at the Sagittal First European Carriere Symposium in Barcelona. Orthodontic industry professionals listened to lectures about the “sagittal-first” philosophy and learned how to optimize practice efficiencies with progressive workflow systems.

Dr. Luis Carrière explained how to treat the AP dimension and correct the bite from a Class II or Class III to a Class I occlusion. Carrière also revealed how this approach has grown his practice and strengthened his global presence within the orthodontic industry. European Carriere Symposium program chairman Dr. Dave Paquette, who is also Henry Schein Orthodontics’ lead clinical adviser, spoke in detail about passive self-ligation mechanics and the clinical evidence that supports their benefits. He also shared his new clinical protocol with the Carriere M-Series wire sequence, using a new wire and a three-wire protocol to shorten treatment time to 12 months.

Other speakers included Orthotown editorial advisory board member Dr. John Graham, who gave a lecture about the importance of differentiating the practice from the competition through total-patient care. Dr. Christy Fortney shared her expertise in progressive and efficient operations within her practice. She touched on topics such as improved workflow, the importance of staff communication, and how digital platforms have improved efficiency and productivity within her practice.

Henry Schein Orthodontics has already announced next year’s European Carriere Congress, which will be Sept. 24–26.

Bolton Cephalometric Standards Template System Now Digitally Available
The Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center, in cooperation with Motion View, announced the release of the Bolton Cephalometric Standards Template System in digital form for use in evaluating the skeletal, dental and orthodontic conditions of orthodontic patients.

The system is a collection of ideally proportioned cephalometric tracing templates based on age, nationality and gender, which eliminate the need for manually tracing cephalometric X-rays. Motion View will make a donation to the Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center for every purchase of the system.

The templates can overlay the lateral cephalometric X-ray, facial photo or facial scan of a patient to quickly compare facial proportions with those of an “ideal” standard for the population group that most closely matches that of the patient. Using the system eliminates the need to train assistants in landmark recognition. Users obtain dental and skeletal diagnostic information including A-P incisors positions, incisors relationship to maxilla and mandible, A-P maxillary and mandibular skeletal positions, upper to lower face height proportions, and anterior and posterior jaw heights.

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TP Orthodontics Adds Pre-Coated Brackets to Its Nu-Edge Line
TP Orthodontics now offers a pre-coated option with its Nu-Edge NX brackets. Ready to place right out of the package, Nu-Edge NX brackets are pre-coated with eXact clear orthodontic adhesive. Risk of contamination is reduced, the brackets set easily without sliding and there is minimal flash cleanup. The brackets are constructed of cobalt chromium, which is biocompatible for nickel-sensitive patients. Engineered for reliability, cobalt–chrome helps prevent archwire slot collapse, while the low profile mini-twin design integrates easily into the orthodontic practice. A self-ligating version is also available.

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