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HD Black Line Mirrors
Hu-Friedy’s HD Black Line Mirrors feature a diamond­like carbon coating on the handle and mirror frame that reduces glare by up to 80% for increased visibility. The black color of the finish provides enhanced contrast and visual acuity within the oral cavity, creating a distinct contrast between the instrument and the tooth or surrounding tissue, allowing for easy intraoral identification.

The coating and the color of the HD Mirror glass facilitate quicker, more accurate visibility of the mouth, with a 113% reflection factor for exceptional image clarity. Front surface reflection provides a sharp, distortion-free image. The durable black matte finish helps to reduce strain and fatigue by reducing the need for clinicians to adapt their viewing position because of unwanted shine produced by a traditional metal mirror. Combined with a large diameter handle that increases user control, HD Black Line Mirrors are an ergonomically friendly option that provides maximum comfort in addition to reducing hand fatigue.


Orthotown Magazine

Orthophos Series X-Ray Units
Dentsply Sirona has introduced a new generation of tailor-made X-ray units: Orthophos E, Orthophos S and Orthophos SL. Each provides a different range of features that allow practitioners to image, diagnose and treat for higher case acceptance. All Orthophos units work seamlessly with Sidexis 4 imaging software.

Orthophos E offers a smooth transition into the world of digital extraoral imaging for greater efficiency in everyday practice. With its panoramic, pediatric panoramic, bitewing and other exposure programs, it is equipped with all the basic programs for the 2D diagnostic process. Orthophos S can be used as a pure 2D solution as well as a combined 2D/3D device. Orthophos SL is the comprehensive diagnostic solution for digital imaging. The SL combines an innovative range of equipment with the direct conversion sensor and sharp layer technology catering to all users with the highest requirements for panoramic and 3D imaging in their daily practice routine.


Orthotown Magazine

Planmeca Emerald S Intraoral Scanner
The Planmeca Emerald S, an enhanced version of Planmeca Emerald, offers hyperspeed image capture at two-and-a-half times faster than its predecessor. With the ability to capture full-arch scans in under two minutes, the scanner allows for greater efficiency for clinicians and added convenience for their patients. The Emerald S comes with a five-year warranty, training and customer support.

With the same lightweight and ergonomic design as the Emerald intraoral scanner, the Emerald S provides clinicians with a comfortable experience when performing digital impressions. Each scanner comes with an assortment of grip colors, allowing users to customize and coordinate the scanner with their office.




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