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Align Technology Appoints Frank Quinn to Vice President and General Manager, United States
Align Technology recently announced that Frank Quinn, vice president of marketing, Americas, will move to the role of vice president and general manager of the company’s United States region.

In this new role, Quinn will be responsible for driving the company’s continued growth and profitability within the U.S., overseeing the U.S. sales, marketing and DSOs. Since joining Align in 2013, he has held several leadership roles. Most recently, he served as the vice president of marketing for the Americas region. Earlier, he served as Align’s vice president of special markets, business development and education, and senior sales director of special markets, iTero sales and business development.

Quinn is a board member of the Americas Association of Orthodontics Foundation and the American Academy of Clear Aligners.

Gaidge Announces Software Integration With topsOrtho
Leveraging the new functionality of the latest topsOrtho and Gaidge 2.0 software releases, the two companies have announced the full integration of the Gaidge analytics software into Tops practice management software via its Platform One portal.

Platform One practice performance analytics directly link to Gaidge, offering topsOrtho users seamless access to their business KPIs. With more than 80 available metrics and 35 reports, Gaidge is a management tool that provides business intelligence dashboards, benchmarking and performance comparisons that can be vital for every orthodontic practice.

Marking the fifth practice management software integration for the company, the two firms have collaborated to construct a user-friendly environment for topsOrtho clients, which is intended to save time and simplify processing. Created and customized for orthodontists, Gaidge is designed to bring clarity and focus to help orthodontists identify opportunities to better manage and grow their businesses. Practice data is automatically pulled in a secure daily upload, returning real-time statistics, visual reports, comparisons and trends on practice performance. For topsOrtho clients, the information is accessed directly within the topsOrtho app for added convenience using their single sign-on verification.

Ormco Announces Upgrades to Aligner Software
Ormco has announced a suite of upgrades to its Approver software for the Spark clear aligner system and a more intuitive and user-friendly case management portal. Both the portal and Approver platform upgrades are designed to help provide a better user experience for orthodontists and their teams.

In an effort to make scan integrations seamless, Ormco is introducing two new partnerships with scanner companies. The first is an integration with 3Shape Trios, allowing doctors to directly access their scans through the Spark Case Portal. The company is also expanding the current list of validated scanners to include the Medit i500 scanner.

Based on user feedback, the updated Spark Portal includes a case archiving feature so doctors can keep all Spark cases conveniently in one place with notes, a support notification system and a searchable patient note feature for in-office communication and customization. The upgrade also provides greater options for tooth movement, including a new hinge rotation movement and greater flexibility with features such as multiple tooth numbering system options, a 3D occlusal tool and tooth movement table, among many other new features.



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