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Dentrix Smart Image connector
Henry Schein One has announced the availability of the Dentrix Smart Image connector for Dexis. Dentrix Smart Image adds new levels of connectivity between Dentrix practice management software and Dexis imaging software with automation to improve practice efficiency.

Dentrix users acquire images and tag them with CDT codes to support proper tracking and reimbursement. Dentrix Smart Image automatically posts each imaging procedure to the ledger for payment to the patient’s continuing care dates for future eligibility, and to progress notes for audit assurance. Dexis users can help eliminate human errors in billing and reimbursements, timing of continuing care images, and record-keeping with automation through Dentrix Smart Image.


Orthotown Magazine

Nano Freedom2 loupe light
DentLight’s Nano Freedom2 reconfigurable wireless loupe light fits on all major loupes and eyewear. The product is an upgrade of DentLight’s wearable headlights. A small LED lamp (5 grams) has two built-in connectors to link to one battery pod for three hours nonstop operation or two battery pods for six hours.

Nano Freedom2 has a unique battery design that fits its battery on any frame temples. This allows the battery to disperse its weight evenly across the head, resulting in a comfortable user experience. In addition, the battery pod uses a proximity sensor for touch-free activation and easy operation. The system is designed for durability, flexibility and minimum recurring cost for heavy-duty daily uses.


Orthotown Magazine

Aligner Tracking System
EasyRx has announced the addition of the EasyRx Aligner Tracking System to the EasyRx universal lab prescription, digital workflow and 3D software platform. The system is beneficial for practices that offer in-house aligners and commercial labs that offer aligner solutions.

The new system allows practices and labs to create customized aligner tracking for their aligner cases. It tracks total trays needed for treatment, creates batches with number of trays to be printed and delivered, enters protocol for number of days to switch trays, and auto-calculates the time in each stage and finish date.




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