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A 100% custom braces system

The KLOwen Braces system is a 100% custom system that reduces treatment time and doctor time. Orthodontists who use KLOwen Braces have reported two main benefits: It has helped their practices maintain or increase their capacity to see patients each day, and it attracts more patients and increases conversion rates.

How many Invisalign cases can one orthodontist see without breaking a sweat? What if orthodontists could treat their fixed-appliance cases with the same efficiency as aligners? The KLOwen Braces system is fully custom from 7–7. It also works well for cases that require expansion, functional appliances and surgery. KLOwen custom braces, coupled with its indirect bonding (IDB) platform, offer complete customization for the lowest price and turnaround.

How is the system 100% custom?

1. The software automatically selects the bracket that best fits each tooth based on the movement needed, keeping the space between the tooth and bracket under 0.5mm and 5 degrees for a strong bond.

2. The last degrees and tenths of a millimeter are built into the composite base. This is made possible by 3D-printed IDB trays that hold brackets precisely in place.

3. KLOwen Braces have a 19.5 slot size. When the 19x25 finishing wire is in place, the brackets get fully expressed. The orthodontist’s digital setup is replicated in the real world through this full expression, with little to no wire bending or bracket repositioning.

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