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SoftSmile Aligner Software
SoftSmile, a software platform with features for orthodontists and their practices, revealed the U.S development of its aligner software technology at this year’s virtual AAO meeting. With the company’s interface, orthodontists can create precise aligner treatment plans in-house that are then developed using 3D?printing technologies.

The SoftSmile aligner software helps create a 3D model of the orthodontic treatment plan, including the visualization of teeth roots and movement of the lower jaw during the treatment. It models optimized teeth movement and suggests, along with the knowledge and skill from the orthodontist, the number of aligners required for achieving optimized results. The software is enhanced by artificial intelligence that generates key aspects of a treatment plan. Machine learning algorithms automate the time-consuming processes and facilitate the final setup of aligned teeth based on orthodontic measurements.


Orthotown Magazine

Infection-Prevention Equipment from Great Lakes
Great Lakes Dental Technologies has released three new infection-prevention products for waiting rooms and operatories.

New face shields (above left) are constructed with medical-grade, optically clear PETG thermoplastic and designed to protect against aerosols, sprays, droplets and mists. The shields accommodate most dental loupes, safety glasses and masks.

The Pure Breeze HEPA air purifier (above center) cleans and filters the air for a safer environment. The air purification system can exchange air in a 10-by-11-by-8-foot room 96 times per hour or 1.6 times per minute.

The Vanguard Gold mobile chairside HEPA filtration unit (above right) is an extraoral dental suction unit designed to safely capture chairside aerosols. Placed in the operatory, this filtration unit helps protect staff and patients from airborne contaminants.

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