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A cost-effective solution

G&H Orthodontics’ Agility product family provides orthodontists with products engineered to deliver results. The products are manufactured to exacting standards and priced to deliver uncompromising value. As orthodontic offices around the world reopen, the emphasis on consistent, efficient, cost-effective treatment plans is now more important than ever to patients and clinicians. The Agility family delivers a comprehensive mix of brackets and tubes that serve as the trusted foundation of orthodontic treatment plans.

Brackets: Includes self-ligating, twin and ceramic bracket options in the most popular prescriptions and sizes.

Tubes: Available in the most popular size and placement combinations in both convertible and nonconvertible options.

Now more than ever, orthodontists are looking to add trusted, efficient products to their treatment plans. The Agility family from G&H Orthodontics delivers straightforward products at straightforward pricing and results that orthodontists and their patients can count on.

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