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Curing the pontics headache

OrVance Aligner Pontics is the first pontics solution designed to remove the headache of fabricating aligner pontics by offering a more effective solution for end-patient application.

Beta testing during product development reported high patient and practice satisfaction for the material and its packaging. The product comes in hygienic single-use applications designed for end-patient use and is made from a permanently pliable medical-grade silicone with food-safe colorants in Vita shade range of A2 to D2. The pliable material sticks in the tray and self-molds perfectly against the gingival tissue and adjacent teeth.

The silicone-based material offers a realistic appearance in tooth color, texture and translucence. With its hygienic packaging, patients can apply the pontic in a tray in less than 10 seconds. Putting aligner pontics in the patient’s hands also avoids the need to disrupt and potentially contaminate the original aligner tray packaging.

OrVance received more than 450 sample requests in the first month of the product’s release, confirming high interest in this aligner pontics solution. Practices can request a free sample of OrVance Aligner Pontics at and the product is also available for purchase from OrVance and GC Orthodontics.

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