Product Profile: Braces Academy and OrthoScreening

Product Profile: Braces Academy and OrthoScreening 

Award-winning patient education and virtual consultations

Prescriptive patient education
Braces Academy, which is now integrated with topsOrtho and Cloud 9, is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based prescriptive education software. Orthodontists can show educational videos to patients in the office and send the videos via text or email for patients to reference at a later date. This feature helps reduce callbacks and emergency visits. Elastic images can also be sent via text with a personalized message from the assistant or doctor.

  • Created by orthodontists for orthodontists.
  • Maximizes practice efficiency.
  • Streamlines patient education.
  • Features one-click messaging.
  • Offers trackable messaging system.
  • Allows same-day onboarding and easy implementation.
Virtual consultations and appointments
OrthoScreening is a complete all-in-one solution offering virtual consultations that lead to more new-patient starts. The solution also provides an easy-to-use platform for monitoring patients in treatment. In addition, high-quality prescriptive patient education videos are included through Braces Academy. It’s as easy as “smile, snap, send.”

  • Created by orthodontists for orthodontists.
  • Converts website visitors into patients.
  • Maximizes the production pipeline.
  • Creates custom screening flows.
  • Allows replacement of in-person appointments with virtual appointments.
  • Allows same-day onboarding and implementation.
Braces Academy and OrthoScreening software solutions are provided by Scriptagram.

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