Product Profile: ClearVu Cosmetic Brackets

Product Profile: ClearVu Cosmetic Brackets 

Innovative design for clinicians and patients

ClearVu Cosmetic Brackets are the solution for any patient seeking aesthetic orthodontic treatment. Clinicians will appreciate the twin-bracket design and predictable debonding process thanks to the patented polymer mesh base. The mesh design closely replicates a metal base while the polymer material provides a protective barrier between the ceramic bracket and the tooth enamel. Because the base flexes upon debonding, the bracket removes cleanly and does not fracture.

Patient-preferred aesthetics. Predictable results.

Patients appreciate the smooth, nonstaining bracket surface and exceptional visual appearance. Featuring proprietary personalized color-matching technology, ClearVu Cosmetic Brackets blend naturally with almost any tooth enamel shade and are virtually undetectable in photos.

For increased efficiency, the brackets come with Readi-Base preapplied adhesive. Utilizing precoated brackets results in less prep time and reduced risk of cross-contamination.

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