A Voice in the Arena: Board, Certified by Dr. Chad Foster

A Voice in the Arena: Board, Certified  

by Chad Foster, DDS, MS, editorial director

While I think the compilation of talent in this group speaks for itself, I’d like to use this month’s column to briefly introduce the members of Orthotown’s new editorial advisory board. These doctors and industry experts have selflessly agreed to volunteer part of their time to helping us create and craft editorial content that helps our readers improve their practice in both the clinical and practice management arenas.

For starters, we rely on board members to vet abstracts of proposed articles, to ensure the potential authors spend their time working on articles that will be a great fit for Orthotown readers. They also review the final drafts that are submitted, and commit to contributing articles of their own throughout the year.

Personally, I love using my voice to share and create, and I am grateful to serve in this role to that end. However, being able to lift the voices of my heroes—see the names on this list—to facilitate content that best serves you, my peers and colleagues, is what it’s all about for me. In alphabetical order …

Dr. Courtney Barry
If you could bottle lightning, you might be able to come close to the energy and enthusiasm that Courtney has poured into her Manhattan orthodontic practice. More importantly, she’s an avid proponent of sharing what you’ve learned with others—an essential quality for our board members. Look for her ideas about thoughtful practice design to appear in early 2023.
Click here to read articles by Dr. Barry.

Dr. Sebastian Baumgaertel
The undisputed guru of TADs, Sebastian is not only a world-class clinician, I’m also always impressed by how easily he’s able to package his material into easy-to-understand pearls and lessons. He teaches first and foremost with the student in mind.

Dr. Wassim Bouzid
When it comes to aesthetic orthodontic treatment, I’m not aware of anyone in the world performing at a higher level than Wassim. His work is masterful and if you get the chance to read him or watch him, you absolutely must.
Click here to read Dr. Bouzid's most recent article.

Dr. Donna Galante
We are very fortunate to have Donna continue with us on Orthotown’s editorial board. She has been one of the leading voices in clear aligner treatment for more than a decade, and writes on a variety of other topics equally as well.
Click here to read articles from Dr. Galante.

Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca
Our profession has quite a few talented practice management consultants, many of whom have written for Orthotown. I will say, however, there’s something different about hearing practice management advice from someone who’s actually in the trenches of day-to-day orthodontics. That’s why I love the work of Ann Marie and think her practice management content is in a class of its own.
Click here to read articles from Dr. Gorczyca.

Dr. John Graham
A true innovator and an outstanding clinician, John has been one of the most influential voices in orthodontics since before I was a resident. We’re lucky to have John continue on our board, and if you’ve ever read him or heard him speak, you know his content is always a step or two ahead.
Click here to read a Q&A with Dr. John Graham.

Dr. Edmund Khoo

Edmund, another veteran board member, is a professor at New York University’s College of Dental Medicine. He is particularly passionate about evidence-based orthodontics, has received numerous AAO awards, and has published in many of the biggest peer-reviewed journals.
Click here to read articles from Dr. Khoo.

Dr. Glenn Krieger

One of the most popular and passionate voices in orthodontics today, Glenn is never afraid to share his own beliefs while at the same time being a huge proponent of open discussion/debate on his very popular Orthopreneurs Facebook group. If you need a bit of motivation before heading into the clinic, listen to or read anything from Glenn!
Click here to read Dr. Krieger's most recent article.

Dr. Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey is an outstanding clinician who is world-renowned for his speaking and writing on orthodontic CBCT diagnosis and treatment planning. I particularly fi nd his presentations on the importance of alveolar housing to be game-changing in how best to approach each case individually. The more I read and listen to Jeff, the more I want to hear. I’m grateful that our readers will get the chance as well.

Dr. Trevor Nichols
I’m not sure any other orthodontist has made such a big impact in such a short amount of time as Trevor. Like his practice partner, Dr. Stuart Frost, Trevor is a world-class aesthetic clinician and is also equally as passionate about helping to make those around him better.
Click here to read articles from Dr. Nichols.

Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis
Jonathan needs no introduction, but just in case: He’s an outstanding orthodontist and the leading educator in our profession about clear aligner treatment. I find his writing practical, content-packed, and always delivered in an approachable and entertaining style.
Click here to read Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis' most recent article.

Dr. Andrew Sarpotdar
You’ve probably read Andy’s writing in previous Orthotown articles or on his popular Orthodontic Pearls Facebook group. In addition to being consistently measured and well thought out, I so appreciate the tolerance and humility on display in his writing, two characteristics I personally strive for as well.
Click here to read articles from Dr. Sarpotdar.

Dr. Adith Venugopal
I’m pretty sure Adith doesn’t sleep, because I think I see a new article from this true orthodontic scholar every month or two. While the subjects of his writing are quite diverse, when it comes to walking the talk with clinical work, Adith is second to none.
Click here to read articles from Dr. Venugopal.

I am beyond excited to see these voices in print and hope you will enjoy them for many, many pages to come. 

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