2023 Ortho Townie Choice Awards

2023 Ortho Townie Choice Awards 

Meet Your 2023 Townie Choice Award Winners!

Every year, we ask verified members of Orthotown to vote for their favorite products, services and equipment—the elements that make their lives easier, their practices more productive, and their staff and patients happier.

If you ever needed proof that your vote in the Townie Choice Awards can make a difference, take a look at this year’s results! In one race, a single vote separated winner from runner-up; in another, the margin between victory and defeat was just four votes. We’ve spotlighted some of 2023’s tightest races, some surprising upsets and even a race that ended in a tie, thanks to a write-in ballot. We’ve also profiled a few companies that seem unstoppable in their respective fields, having won TCA honors since they were first introduced. Look for extra insights from Orthotown editorial director Dr. Chad Foster, who shares “CF’s takes” about these winners and their places in the orthodontic industry.

If you already use the winning products in your practice, you can feel great knowing you share your peers’ passion for finding the most effective ways to improve your patients’ experiences. And if you’re looking for a better product or service, you can see what other orthodontists rave about as their favorites! (To access the list of winners year-round, head to orthotown.com/tca.)

Click here to see the result sets for all categories, including the percentage of votes each contender received.
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