Dr. Courtney Schiefelbein

by Dr. Courtney Schiefelbein
Dr. Courtney Schiefelbein had just opened a startup practice in Midtown Manhattan when the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to temporarily shut down the office. Now, one year after COVID first forced the closures, Schiefelbein discusses the biggest changes in her practice that were inspired by the pandemic—and as she explains, some of them are actually positive steps she plans to keep around long term.
March 2021
by Dr. Courtney Schiefelbein
Townie orthodontists have had to wrestle with so many tough decisions during the COVID-19 shutdowns: staff employment, loan payments, financial losses and patient care issues, to name a few. We asked New York City orthodontist Dr. Courtney Schiefelbein to document her thoughts and day-to-day activities as she navigates this new landscape.
June 2020
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