Casey Bull

by Casey Bull
Casey Bull of The Invisible Orthodontist explains the importance of humanizing practice e-communications and shares suggestions on how to master the tone and content of these important messages.
April 2023
by Casey Bull
Casey Bull, director of global content and community for The Invisible Orthodontist, discusses orthodontic marketing trend that are likely to carry through 2023—and possibly even longer.
December 2022
by Casey Bull
Your website should be more than just a pretty face! It’s important to have a set strategy and purpose driving your designs when it comes to your site and search engine optimization. These tips will help your website be a top performer.
July/August 2022
by Dr. Anil Idiculla and Casey Bull
Dr. Anil Idiculla and practice management expert Casey Bull discuss how to implement day-to-day, face-to-face interactions that help differentiate a community practice from a faceless commodity provider.
April 2022
by Casey Bull
Consultant Casey Bull discusses the most effective ways to earn patient referrals, including the foundations of customer service, properly leveraging family discounts and even the surprising return on handwritten notes.
November 2021
by Casey Bull
Practice management expert Casey Bull recaps the pros and cons of paid search, paid social and display advertising, and how orthodontists can properly harness each type to help their practices grow.
March 2022
by Casey Bull
The way a practice hopes to use virtual consultations should dictate how the technology is rolled out and available to patients. Casey Bull of The Invisible Orthodontist recaps the most common uses and setups.
October 2021
by Casey Bull
The final installment of consultant Casey Bull’s two-part series examines what orthodontic practices should focus on as they put together their 2021 marketing plans. This month’s focus—how to increase referrals and promotions via social media and digital strategies—delves into local SEO, paid versus organic social media posts, and community referrals via Facebook Live and microinfluencers.
March 2021
by Casey Bull
In the first installment of a two-part series about marketing your orthodontic practice in 2021, Casey Bull, global director of content and community for The Invisible Orthodontist, discusses strategies to increase patient and doctor referrals.
January/February 2021
by Casey Bull
Practice management consultant Casey Bull discusses how virtual treatment coordinators and traditional ones have the same objective in the practice, but quite a few variances in how they achieve their objectives and how to track performance and key performance indicators.
September 2020
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