Dr. Blair Feldman, DMD, MS

by Dr. Blair Feldman
Dr. Blair Feldman discusses the main types of retainers, and the most common causes of failure for each.
November 2019
by Blair Feldman, DMD, MS, MSEd
For some adult patients, Dr. Blair Feldman uses a combination treatment of braces on the lower teeth with Invisalign on the upper teeth, followed by full Invisalign treatment for the remainder of the time.
May 2017
by Blair Feldman, DMD, MS
Make mouthguards an event! Dr. Blair Feldman presents the details of his annual mouthguard event centered on the local high school and community. Discover the benefits of hosting an event like this in your own practice.
April 2016
by Dr. Blair Feldman, DMD, MS
Dr. Blair Feldman shares a case and explains how to help orthodontic patients manage expectations
March 2015
by Dr. Blair Feldman, DMD, MS
Dr. Blair Feldman discusses his treatment plan for a patient with crowded teeth utilizing advanced technologies.
January/February 2015


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