Kyle Patton, Associate Editor

by Kyle Patton, associate editor
Dr. Todd Wesslen worked in software development for years before pivoting to orthodontics. His background in computer science means he’s not afraid to adopt new technology: He’s a beta tester for practice management software companies, and Wesslen Orthodontics’ two California practices are 100% paperless, with team members trained to work with CBCT and in-office 3D printing.
January/February 2023
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
This Nashville Townie is redefining what it means to have a side gig. In this month’s Office Visit, we learn how Dr. Brice Gilliam juggles practice ownership, associateship and being a television star; which construction and renovation tips he has for doctors; why direct-to-consumer orthodontics can be a good thing; and more.
December 2022
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
We tour Dr. Tatiya Ungphakorn’s practice and learn more about her approach to turning patient expectations and experiences into exceptional outcomes, the benefits of partnering with a pediatric dentist, the most important things to have in any office and more.
November 2022
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
This Townie’s new 6,700-square-foot practice in Greeley, Colorado, is, as he puts it, “the nicest dental facility I’ve ever been in.” In our exclusive Q&A, Richter tells us how he went from burned out to burning with a renewed passion for the profession when other docs his age are considering retirement. Plus, hear his hard-learned lessons on how to be a better manager and team leader, and look at some of the impressive tech inside an impressive build.
September 2022
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
The winner of Orthotown’s 2021 Townie Choice Awards voter contest, Dr. Carlin Weaver followed in her father’s footsteps and became an orthodontist, then practiced alongside him in Swampscott, Massachusetts, before taking over the reins of the practice in 2015. This Townie advocates for having the best technology under her roof, including all-digital scanning and 3D-printed options, and recently joined the clinical faculty at her alma mater, Tufts University.
May 2022
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
This Townie has won four “teacher of the year” awards while serving as a clinical assistant professor at the University of Southern California’s graduate orthodontics program. He also runs a beautiful practice in Corona, California. Hear his take on clinical diagnostic technology, what new grads should expect from the future of orthodontics, and more.
January/February 2022
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
This Dallas-area Townie travels internationally teaching clinical photography to orthodontists and dentists alike and founded the Orthopreneurs website and podcast for orthodontic practice owners. We met up with this doc, checked out his impressive digital tech suite, discussed the next evolution of clear aligner therapy, received some clinical photo tips and more.
December 2021
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
With more than three decades of practice under his belt, this Townie is one of the longest-tenured orthodontists in the metro D.C. area. We visit his Glen Burnie, Maryland, practice to talk about the evolution of the profession, growing up in West Africa and the bittersweetness of being a Baltimore Orioles fan.
November 2021
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
Not many would think to start a business in the middle of a pandemic—especially an orthodontic practice—but Dr. Jeffrey Heinz was all about the challenge. This Rockford, Michigan, Townie is also the only orthodontist in the U.S. who uses a wheelchair for mobility. In our Q&A, Heinz talks about the adversities of finishing dental school after a terrible accident, how he became a clear aligner specialist, and why opening an office at the hardest time possible has paid off big.
July/August 2021
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
This Townie, who has two practices on the central California coast, travels around the world, educating orthodontists about clear aligners as a master faculty member. We visit his new Santa Barbara office, learn why he was the first in the U.S. to adopt a 5D scanner into this practice, how new technologies have simplified his workflows, and what tips he has for making clear aligner therapies run smoothly in any office.
March 2021
by Kyle Patton
This Townie lets us take a spin through his beautiful practice in Bozeman, Montana. Check out the office, hear about his treatment philosophy, and discover the products and services he wouldn’t practice without.
April 2018
by Kyle Patton, associate editor, Orthotown magazine
OrthoFi’s president and CEO, Dave Ternan, and Dr. Jamie Reynolds, a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, share some finance tips to help rethink how you do business.
March 2017
by Kyle Patton, associate editor, Orthotown magazine
2016 TCA Cover Star: Dr. Michael Fesler
Jan/Feb 2017
by Kyle Patton, Associate Editor
Take a trip to the Netherlands and meet Dr. Guido Sampermans, owner of Professionals in Pretty Mouths.
April 2016
by Kyle Patton, Associate Editor
Come visit the practice of Dr. Brett Garrett, our Townie Choice Award $1,000 winner! Find out how Dr. Garrett keeps his patients smiling in the “Happiest City in America.”
January/February 2016
by Kyle Patton, Associate Editor
Orthotown Magazine Associate Editor Kyle Patton gives the rundown of this year’s Graduate Orthodontic Resident Program.
September 2015
by Kyle Patton, Associate editor
Meet Dr. Massimo Verduci, a New Jersey orthodontist specializing in early orthodontic treatment, who enjoys giving back to this community.
May 2015
by Kyle Patton, Associate editor
April 2015
by Kyle Patton, Associate editor
Orthotown Magazine speaks with Michael Zazucki, technical support manager for Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions, about the company and its commitment to the orthodontic community.
March 2015
by Kyle Patton, associate editor, Orthotown magazine
Take an exclusive tour inside the practice of an Orthotown editorial member who’s one of the most prolific posters on our message boards. Dr. David Harnick of Albuquerque discusses his practice philosophy, including the products and services he considers essential to his practice.
July/August 2017
by Kyle Patton, associate editor, Orthotown magazine
Brooklyn-based Townie Dr. Eli Halabi has been obsessed with trains for years, and his practice shows it. Go on a tour of the orthodontist’s office and discover more about his treatment philosophy, as well as the excitement and challenges of working in a such a richly multicultural environment.
September 2017
by Kyle Patton, associate editor, Orthotown magazine
Marc Fraga, managing director at the Georgia School of Orthodontics, discusses the school’s second Atlanta-area location, which combines a practice with classroom and office space, and explains some of the design principles that also apply to private practices.
December 2018
by Kyle Patton, associate editor, Orthotown magazine
This American Board of Orthodontics-certified orthodontist opened her own practice in Cooper City, Florida. Discover more about her practice philosophy and the products and services this second-generation dental professional considers essentials.
April 2019
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
We visit a Townie who’s incorporated digital technology into his practice whenever possible—from treating patients to monitoring their progress and even persuading them toward case acceptance.
November 2019
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
Dr. Howard Chu and his wife, a pediatric dentist, recently built a new 2,600-square-foot partner practice in the Los Angeles area from the ground up. In our Q&A, the Harvard Dental School graduate discusses everything from ADA codes and asbestos abatement to COVID-19 protocols and why he thinks clear aligner therapy is the most exciting form of orthodontic treatment today.
September 2020
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