Imaging, CBCT, and Radiography

by Dr. Bryan Lockhart
Dr. Bryan Lockhart discusses how doctors can use advances in the evolving digital landscape to amplify their orthodontic knowledge and skills, which can lead to consistently improved treatment results.
May 2023
With so many intraoral scanners coming to market, how can readers determine which product makes the best fit for their practice? Our special roundup compares and contrasts scanners from some of the biggest names in the industry.
March 2023
With our monthly poll, you can see how other practices operate, what works, what doesn’t and how orthodontics is evolving. The information we gather each month helps us measure trends in the profession. Take a look at this month’s results on digital imaging.
December 2022
by Dr. Jeff Alba
Dr. Jeff Alba discusses how to integrate CBCT data into clear aligner treatment, and shares a case study in which the information helped enhance clinical efficiencies.
June 2022
After Townies cast their ballots for their favorite orthodontic services and products, we tallied the results. Now, it’s time to announce the winners of the Orthodontic 2021 Townie Choice Awards!
January/February 2022
Take a look at some of the newest products hitting the orthodontic market.
November 2021
by Dr. Glenn Krieger
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Dr. Glenn Krieger says most orthodontists could use help getting better clinical images. He shares his four laws of clinical photography, including the proper use of retractors and mirrors, and how to properly use digital co-diagnosis for increased case acceptance.
October 2021
by fenrisúlfr
Townie “fenrisúlfr”—one of the most prolific and respected posters on Orthotown’s message boards—shares case studies in which digital imaging technology helped clarify and direct his decisions about how to approach his patients’ treatments.
June 2018
by Dr. Ed Lin
Orthotown editorial board member Dr. Ed Lin discusses the seven key factors to be examined when considering the purchase of a CBCT machine, including radiation levels and price.
September 2018
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