Orthotown Magazine - May 2014

by Alan A. Curtis, DDS, MS, Editorial Director, Orthotown Magazine
Dr. Alan Curtis, Editorial Director of Orthotown Magazine, tackles the ins and outs of all things ortho in his monthly column. This month: Special needs orthodontics.
by Chelsea Knorr, Editor, Orthotown Magazine
A game plan for ortho residents
by Patrick J. Wood, Esq and Jason P. Wood, Esq
Jason and Patrick Wood help you evaluate whether a partnership is a good move for you.
by Kyle Patton, editorial assistant, Orthotown Magazine
There are just a few lingual-only practices in the world; Dr. Adam Schulhof owns one of them.
by Stuart Frost, DDS
Dr. Stuart Frost details a doctor’s decisionmaking process when treating an aesthetics- concerned patient.
by Diana P. Friedman, MA, MBA
Diana Friedman asks what makes a patient “connected” and how do connected patients help the success of your practice?
Message Boards
From purchasing a practice to staffing it, Townies chime in on their experiences in these initial stages.
Honest answers from dentists experienced with corporate orthodontic chains.
This resident is looking for non-TAD options to distalizing the maxillary posterior unilaterally. Give this newbie some advice.
Any ideas on why this Townie’s maxillary trays aren’t seating completely in the posterior?
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