Henry Schein Orthodontics Presents Third Annual European Carriere Symposium

Henry Schein Orthodontics Presents Third Annual European Carriere Symposium
Event to Showcase the Latest Innovations and Clinical Solutions to Help Orthodontists, Featuring Keynote Speaker, Dr. Luis Carrière
Posted: June 27, 2017
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MELVILLE, N.Y.— Henry Schein Orthodontics, the orthodontics business of Henry Schein, has announced its third annual European Carriere Symposium Sept. 14–16, in Barcelona, Spain, at Hotel W. 

The event will showcase a broad spectrum of the latest innovations and new clinical solutions that deliver dental, facial, and total-health results. Topics will range from advancements in self-ligation and sagittal first concept, to new airway-friendly orthodontics cases and strategies, and digital orthodontics. Several networking opportunities will be available to allow orthodontists to share their experiences with other peer professionals practicing around the world.

The exhibition will also review the key elements of the digital orthodontics workflow, including intraoral scanning, digital imaging, clinical ortho planning, and 3-D printing.  A digital orthodontics exhibition area will be powered by Henry Schein ConnectDental, a platform that reflects the interoperability of digital dental technology and links together every step of the clinical workflow. 

For this year’s event, the keynote speaker will be Dr. Luis Carrière, and the program chairman Dr. David Paquette, along with other world-renowned speakers. Carrière will focus on how facial, skeletal, and dental harmony can be achieved using the Carriere system in addition to sharing the system's benefits.

“Orthodontists should claim their position as facial-aesthetic specialists. We do not only deliver straight teeth, but provide renewed confidence, enhanced appearance, and consequently new lives to patients,” said Carrière. “In my opinion, the orthodontist should be the first professional to be consulted when it comes to oral and maxillofacial treatment planning.”.

Additional speakers and topics include: 
Dr. Sean Carlson: Learn how to unlock the vault of digital diagnostics and incorporate a total-patient treatment approach. He will focus on airway visualization and show how orthodontic treatment can improve outcomes in patients with temporomandibular disorders or obstructive sleep apnea. 
Dr. Francesco Garino: Learn how to use the Carriere Motion appliance to correct challenging Class II aligner cases.
Dr. Anil Idiculla: Learn how to align core philanthropic values within your practice and develop an unforgettable orthodontic experience.
Dr. Jep Paschal: Learn how digital intelligence can help increase clinical efficiencies, effectiveness, and patient satisfaction, plus why we should pay attention in this progressive era.
Dr. Thomas Shipley: Learn about his recent study using CBCT, which validates how the Carriere Motion Appliance repositions the mandible and expands the airway.

For more information and to register, visit carrieresymposium.com or call 760-448-8712 for early bird pricing, which ends July 10.


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