OrVance Releases New Product, OrthoDots Clear

Posted: December 6, 2017

Introducing OrthoDots® CLEAR

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—OrVance has launched OrthoDots Clear, a transparent version of the company's flagship product, OrthoDots. OrthoDots was launched in 2015 and designed to be a more effective solution than traditional dental wax. The product combines a proprietary moisture-activated adhesive with a medical grade silicone for a longer lasting and more comfortable solution.  

“In less than six months, our previous generation of OrthoDots quickly became an Amazon Choice product as the No. 1 alternative to traditional dental wax, so we know there is a high patient demand out there for something better than dental wax," said Ron Schutt, president of OrVance. “And when we asked our customers what we could do to make the product even better, the overwhelming feedback was that they also wanted a more transparent solution. OrthoDots Clear solves that problem and is now at least 17 times more transparent than the leading dental wax products on the market.” 

“We’ve always had transparency identified as an ideal feature, but it presented a substantial R&D challenge to provide a transparent solution while also achieving the goal of sticking and staying in place better than traditional dental wax. But, because of the high-demand from our customers, we went back into the lab and figured it out. With OrthoDots Clear, we now have the best solution on the market for all the top features patients desire: It sticks onto wet surfaces and stays in place, is the most malleable and comfortable product on the market, and is now also transparent,” said Dr. Mike Silver, director of technical affairs and R&D for OrVance.

“We all know that more invisible treatment options are a major trend in our industry due to the demand from our patients for more aesthetically pleasing treatment solutions”, said Dr. Eric Hannapel, practicing orthodontist and OrVance co-founder. “Now that OrthoDots are also transparent, we’re confident that more practices will switch to OrthoDots Clear from traditional dental wax to maximize patient comfort and satisfaction.”

OrthoDots Clear are available to practices from select suppliers and patients can purchase the product directly on amazon.com. For more information, visit orvance.com.
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