Darby Dental Supply Announces Latest Rebranding Efforts

Darby Dental Supply Announces Latest Rebranding Efforts
Posted: September 21, 2018
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JERICHO, N.Y.—Darby Dental Supply has unveiled a new logo and tagline as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. The rebranding consists of five key transformations: a new, modern logo, packaging redesign for Darby’s 4000+ products, a new advertising campaign, an updated look and features upgrade for the company’s e-commerce site and app, and a revamp of all branded assets. The company also has a new tagline, "Where Supplies Meet Solutions."

The new brand identity is a reflection of the company’s recent transformation into a full-service supplier. One of the fastest growing dental suppliers in the United States, Darby has invested in a number of growth initiatives in the last three years, including the addition of a capital equipment division; a surgical division; expanded Darby Brand offerings; an exclusive partnership with Dental Fix Rx to provide on-site equipment service; and Darby TechForce, the company’s new technology services arm. Most recently, Darby acquired the dental supply division of West Coast-based distributor SmartPractice, secured a new, larger lease for its Coral Springs, Florida location, and is currently in the process of expanding its Reno, Nevada, warehouse. 

“Our ever-changing industry landscape requires a more modern, solutions-focused way of operating,” said Michael Caputo, president of Darby Dental Supply. “Our transformation has been continuous over the last few years, and it is time that our outward image reflect our internal growth and commitment to our customers.”

Darby’s new advertising campaign will debut throughout September, followed by the launch of the updated website and mobile app, both which have been redesigned to reflect Darby’s new look. The company also plans to unveil new packaging for its extensive Darby Brand line of products throughout 2019.    

For more information and to view the latest rebranding efforts, visit darbydental.com.


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