Carestream Dental Expands CS 3600 Capabilities with Exocad Software Interaction

Posted: January 16, 2019
Edited by Orthotown staff

ATLANTA—Carestream Dental has partnered with Exocad, a third-party dental CAD/CAM software solutions provider, to offer direct interaction with the CS 3600 intraoral scanner. This allows clinicians to capture digital impressions directly from Exocad ChairsideCAD software.

Practitioners using the CS 3600 intraoral scanner are now able to launch digital impression scans directly from Exocad's database software. Once acquired, the data set is automatically stored in the Exocad database and can be immediately processed in Exocad's ChairsideCAD software. This new interaction streamlines the process of capturing the dataset and designing the restoration in Exocad’s software and allows the doctor to work solely within the Exocad environment, eliminating the need to import or transfer the dataset.  
“Carestream Dental understands the timesaving effect reducing clicks in software can have,” said Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer, Carestream Dental. “Fortunately, the open architecture of the CS 3600 means that it has always worked well with Exocad, however, we’re continuously looking for new ways to improve upon workflows. This new partnership with Exocad makes the interaction even more seamless, helping doctors work more efficiently.”

The CS 3600 creates precise, detailed HD 3D digital impressions that are highly accurate, while offering an easier acquisition method than using traditional PVS impressions. The scanner’s high-speed continuous scanning makes capturing dual arches faster and easier. Plus, ergonomically-designed, rounded autoclavable and reusable tips lead to a more comfortable and hygienic scanning experience for patients.

“The cooperation with Carestream supports our goal to provide technology that helps clinicians take maximum advantage of digital processes”, said Tillmann Steinbrecher, Exocad CEO. “With this new interaction, we provide CS 3600 users a seamless workflow from scanning to designing. Thanks to our software and the smooth interaction, we help customers to maximize the return on their hardware investment”.

For more information, call 800-944-6365 or visit To learn more about Exocad, visit


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