Orthodontists Bring Fresh Breath to the 61st Grammy Awards

Posted: February 5, 2019
Edited by Orthotown staff

PITTSBURGH—Movemints, a Pennsylvania-based startup, has been invited to share its mints in the official Grammy gift bag for the 61st Grammy Awards.

Described as the "mint that fits," Movemints, an edible accessory for clear aligner patients, feature patented grooves that help patients comply with their Invisalign treatment, freshen breath and fight dry mouth. Distinctive Assets, which has produced the Grammy gift experience for 20 years, identified Movemints after discovering the company’s Instagram account.

Movemints are sugar free and allow patients to wear clear aligners or retainers and go about their day without feeling self-conscious about bad breath.

“We are proud to have our product included in the official Grammy gift bag being given to the show’s presenters and performers. For a young company like ours to be recognized and invited to participate is an incredible testament to the hard work and hustle we’ve put into this venture,” says Dr. David Pechersky, founder and CEO of Movemints. Pechersky, a practicing orthodontist, patented the mint’s unique shape to help his patients enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable treatment journey.

Movemints will be distributed to presenters, performers, and members of the press as part of the 61st Grammy Awards celebration.

“For me, the most exciting aspect of being part of music’s biggest night is sharing our mint with non-Invisalign users,” says Drew Goldstein, co-founder of Movemints. “The shape changes the mint game.”

For more information, visit dentalmovemints.com.


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