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Carestream Dental Announces New Product Updates at AAO 2019

Posted: May 9, 2019
Edited by Dentaltown staff

LOS ANGELES—At the 2019 AAO Annual Session, Carestream Dental announced updates to its orthodontic practice management solutions that are designed to offer new flexible workflows to orthodontists and streamline practice management.

Attendees were able to check out some of the latest updates to CS OrthoTrac v14.3, which included enhancements intended to improve the day-to-day for a variety of staff members. One such enhancement is the ability to time-stamp notes, which enables the author to sort all notes in the treatment card chronologically, improving the chart review workflow. Another enhancement is the ability to edit patient contact info directly in the treatment card. The latest version of CS OrthoTrac also includes a new electronic forms solution for completing patient intake forms via OperaDDS, a partner of Carestream Dental.

Carestream Dental also previewed its new care management platform for orthodontic practices. The new software as a service features anytime, anywhere access to data; a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and multitask; important practice analytics; and enhanced security. The care management platform is built upon the insight of dozens of real-world practices and was developed using a concept known as user-centered design. As the platform’s capabilities continue to expand, Carestream Dental will rely on the feedback of beta testers to ensure the service meets the unique needs of the orthodontic community.

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