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CareCredit Announces Partnership with Lighthouse 360

Posted: May 21, 2019
Edited by Dentaltown staff

COSTA MESA, Calif. and JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—CareCredit, a provider of health, wellness and personal care credit products and Lighthouse 360, a Henry Schein One brand patient communication software platform for dental practices, recently announced a preferred partnership to allow patients to finance their oral health needs through the platform. The deal includes Lighthouse 360 incorporating CareCredit financing education, data and credit products into its automated email communications.

When patients have an out-of-pocket investment for their dental care needs, cost can be a concern and barrier to treatment. To help overcome this challenge, Lighthouse 360 has updated its patient communications to include information about CareCredit financing—most notably adding this messaging to automated treatment plan reminder emails. The combination of consistent reminders about dental care with proactive information about financing options should help dental teams alleviate patient’s cost concerns and encourage them to schedule and complete treatment.

“When patients leave the practice without committing to dentistry, they may have unspoken cost concerns,” said Doug Hammond, senior vice president and general manager at CareCredit. “Patients may have other financial commitments which they feel they have to prioritize over treatment. Our partnership with Lighthouse 360 and inclusion in patient communications makes it easy for doctors to let patients know the benefits of CareCredit and encourage them to move forward with needed care.”

“This partnership with CareCredit will provide easier access to payment options for patient’s dental care,” said Micah Dickerson, vice president of product at Lighthouse 360. “The combined forces of CareCredit and Lighthouse 360 will help more patients stay healthier and help practices to present and complete more treatment.”
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