Carestream Dental Announces SureSmile Certification for CS 8100 3D Family

Posted: June 28, 2019
Edited by Dentaltown staff

ATLANTA—Carestream Dental recently announced that the CS 8100 3D and CS 8100SC 3D imaging systems have been certified for use with SureSmile technology platforms (Dentsply Sirona) to give doctors more treatment options.  
Digital images captured by the CS 8100 3D family in combination with the SureSmile system open new digital workflow options to doctors for case planning, combining 3D diagnostic imaging with computerized treatment planning, robotic archwire customization and other SureSmile treatment options.
“The integration of the CS 8100 3D and CS 8100SC 3D scans with SureSmile will significantly streamline workflow for clinicians using both systems,” said Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer, Carestream Dental. “A SureSmile certification requires a high level of accuracy, and we’re pleased that the CS 8100 3D family has met the platform’s rigorous standards.”
The two systems that comprise the CS 8100 3D family offer doctors compact in-house imaging. The CS 8100 3D provides 2D imaging, cone beam computed tomography and 3D object scanning, while the CS 8100SC 3D adds scanning cephalometric imaging. Advanced orthodontic software give both systems an advantage, such as automatic cephalometric tracing with the CS 8100SC 3D.   
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