DynaFlex Launches Magnetic Allen Pencil For CS System

Posted: July 16, 2019 / Source: DynaFlex Press Release

Edited by Orthotown staff

ST. LOUIS—DynaFlex recently announced the launch the newly designed CS Allen pencil. The new Allen pencil has been designed and engineered to make placement of the CS system quicker and safer.

The pencil is “charged” using an exclusive rare earth magnet. Once charged, it then uses magnetic forces to latch onto the screw. The screw is easily retrievable out of the kit and remains on the pencil for placement and tightening within the patients mouth.

The CS4 system is a Class II and Class III chairside correction appliance. The system‘s spring is made from an exclusive nickel titanium material with specially built keyhole ends that improve the strength and durability by 40% from previous versions. CS4 systems are available for purchase in two-, five- and 10-patient kits. All kits come with the new magnetic Allen pencil.

For more information, visit dynaflex.com/cs-system or call the customer care team at 866-346-5665.
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