Dentsply Sirona Announces SureSmile 2020

Posted: November 12, 2019
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CHARLOTTE, N.C./SAN DIEGO—Dentsply Sirona is inviting orthodontics professionals to a comprehensive digital summit from Feb. 27–29 in San Diego. At the SureSmile Academy’s annual user conference, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, case reviews and software demonstrations while networking with colleagues from around the world. The clinical program covers an array of digital treatment sessions from aligner therapy to surgical simulations and beyond.

The SureSmile user conference offers attendees access to orthodontic innovators pioneering precision, speed and excellence in digital treatment planning, workflow and integrations. Visitors can look forward to the highlight of learning about the latest software enhancements for SureSmile aligners.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers the SureSmile Academy, a continuous training opportunity that is clearly tailored to their needs, topics and questions,” said Dr. Alexander Völcker, group vice president CAD/CAM and orthodontics at Dentsply Sirona. “We know from experience that the participants quickly put their learning into practice and immediately gain tangible added value for their patients and their practice.”

The congress format ensures that participants can put what they have learned into practice the very next day, both for the clinician as well as the entire team. Participants can look forward to a program opened by Don Casey, CEO of Dentsply Sirona. Renowned speakers like Dr. Alex Yusupov and Dr. Melisa Rathburn make up the clinical education program, covering every case and treatment type: from Class II to surgical, hybrid therapy, advanced diagnostics, robotically-bent wire design, 3D printing, aligner staging, cone beam and Primescan integrations, in-office fabrication, smile design, therapeutic photography, and so much more.

“All of these benefits make this user congress special and more than just a training event,” said Eric Bruno, senior vice president of the North America Regional Commercial Organization at Dentsply Sirona. “The results from last year showed: participants of the event increased their aligner case volume in the following quarter by an average of almost 30 percent compared to the previous quarter. It is an experience that strengthens the entire practice team and will further raise their level of treatment for better patient outcomes.”

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