DSO Connections Group Offers Solutions for Transitioning Clinicians

Posted: December 3, 2019
Edited by Dentaltown staff

FOREST LAKES, N.J.—The DSO Connections Group, in cooperation with DSO Market Watch and its affiliates, is aiming to connect transitioning dentists with interested and qualified buyers while also educating clinicians on many aspects of the practice transition process through a variety of services.

DSO Market Watch, a provider of dental industry market data and publisher of DSO News, is leveraging its industry partners and assisting DSO Connections by introducing the dental practice valuation calculator and the DSO practice transition survey to more than 100,000 dentists in over 40 states. The DSO Connections Group has more than 30 years of dental industry experience and offers a great deal of industry knowledge to assist dentists seeking advice and direction.

Through DSO Connections Group's online services provide dentists can receive a free confidential practice valuation and get introduced to a potential buyer, also at no cost. In addition, they receive online access to many resources about transitioning a dental practice. These online services are intended to assist dentists with knowing their value, what information is required from a DSO, what type of deal structure to request, and how to make the most appropriate decisions during a critical time in their careers.

For more information, visit dsoconnection.com.

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