Align Technology Appoints Frank Quinn to Vice President and General Manager, United States

Posted: December 31, 2019
Edited by Orthotown staff

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Align Technology recently announced that Frank Quinn, vice president of marketing, Americas, will move to the role of vice president and general manager of the United States. The new role took effect on Monday, December 9.

“Frank is a long-standing member of the Align organization who has served in multiple roles and made a positive and lasting impact during each step of his Align career,” said Simon Beard, senior vice president and managing director for the Americas region. “Over the past year, as leader of Americas Marketing, Frank has been instrumental in the evolution of our marketing strategy and programs to drive awareness of doctor delivered clear aligner treatment.”

In this new role, Quinn will be responsible for driving continued growth and profitability within the United States, overseeing the U.S. sales, marketing, DSOs, commercial excellence and functional leaders supporting the U.S. commercial organization.

Since joining Align in 2013, Quinn has held several leadership roles throughout the organization. Most recently, he served as the vice president of marketing for the Americas region. Earlier, he served as Align’s vice president of special markets, business development and education, Americas and senior sales director of special markets, iTero sales and business development.

Quinn is a board member of the Americas Association of Orthodontics Foundation and the American Academy of Clear Aligners. 
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