Ormco Announces Software Upgrades

Posted: January 6, 2020
Edited by Orthotown staff

Brea, Calif. – Ormco Corporation today announced a suite of upgrades to its Approver software for the Spark Clear Aligner system, as well as a more intuitive and user-friendly case management portal. Both the portal and Approver platform upgrades are designed to help provide a better user experience for the doctor and his or her team: more intuitive, responsive, flexible, communicative, and efficient, with features and tools to streamline workflow and case management.

“Ormco’s priority has always been the orthodontist and our new design puts orthodontists in control. We understand doctors have their own preferences on how they like to set up and manage their cases. We have tried to offer great flexibility and customization features, reduce the number of restrictions put on doctors, and be responsive to feedback by integrating it with each upgrade,” said Rick Matty, general manager of the Spark Clear Aligner system.

As part of this mission, Ormco is committed to making scan integrations seamless and is introducing two new partnerships with industry leading scanner companies. The first is an integration with 3Shape TRIOS, allowing doctors to directly access their scans through the Spark Case Portal. Ormco is also pleased to expand the current list of validated scanners to include the Medit i500 scanner. 

Ormco incorporated user feedback to develop faster and more responsive software performance with streamlined design to help make managing Spark patients more efficient and added more detailed communications at each stage of case setup. Based on feedback, the updated Spark Portal includes a case archiving feature so doctors can keep all Spark cases conveniently in one place with notes, a support notification system; and a searchable patient note feature for in-office communication and customization.

The upgrade also provides greater options for tooth movement, including a new hinge rotation movement; and greater flexibility with features such as multiple tooth numbering system options, a 3D occlusal tool and tooth movement table, among many other new features.

For more information, visit ormco.com
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