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Axsys Releases Automated Appliance Trimming Solution

Posted: February 25, 2020
Edited by Dentaltown staff

WIXOM, Mich.—Axsys Dental Solutions announced its new automated appliance trimming solution for a variety of dental appliances. With the new device, dentists and dental labs can create and trim clear appliances in 30 seconds.

"TrimExpert is a modular solution designed to operate within existing workflows and meet any production requirements. It’s the first of its kind to offer a modular and scalable solution for the trimming of all dental appliances,” said Axsys CEO and president, Steve Braykovich.

Dentists and dental labs can choose their desired level of automation and expand their capabilities as their businesses grow and production requirements or processes change. There are no additional ongoing aligner fees or licensing fees to decrease profitability. Modular software components provide trim line definition, machine code calculation, verification, part identification and more. 

"Our extensive experience in automating these types of processes in the automotive and aircraft industries allowed us to develop this game-changing trimming solution with no significant design, technological, fabrication, installation, or operational challenges," said Braykovich. 

Axsys has been a manufacturing solution provider for over 25 years and has served a variety of industries from aerospace to dental. The company has manufactured aircraft and automotive parts, crowns, bridges, bars and dentures. The company also offers a fully-automated solution with a robot that can service multiple machines, thereby eliminating manual case identification, loading and unloading, and operation initiation.
To further facilitate the process, Axsys fabricated a fixture for the thermoformer and its milling machine that assures easy loading as well as positional accuracy. The final deliverable can be customized to fit a lab or doctor's needs as well as their IT infrastructure and desired level of automation at the various stages of the design and fabrication processes. The system is scalable and automation components can be added incrementally as needs arise.

The TrimExpert will be showcased at both the Midwinter and Lab Day events in Chicago, Illinois, on February 20-22. For more information visit


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