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DenMat Receives 510(K) Clearance for New Clear Aligner System

Posted: February 27, 2020
Edited by Dentaltown staff

LOMPOC, Calif.—DenMat announced that it is entering the clear aligner market after receiving 510(k) clearance for its new system in December of 2019. Recently, the company acquired rights to the trade name “OrthoClear”, which will serve as the flagship brand for this new service offering.

“OrthoClear aligners are a perfect extension of services for the DenMat Lab,” says Robert Cartagena, DenMat COO. “We specialize in large, complex cases, full-arch restorations, and high-end aesthetics. Clear aligners are already being offered in the majority of our customers’ practices, and the demand for this service has been quite high from this group. The availability of new digital manufacturing platforms allows DenMat to continue serving as a trusted partner for dental professionals, while expanding our laboratory services into what is a high growth area of dentistry."

DenMat Receives 510(K) Clearance for New Clear Aligner System

OrthoClear offers these key benefits:

- 3D virtual treatment plan so that clinicians can review the tooth movements and anticipated results prior to aligner manufacturing stage.
- A five-day turnaround time for virtual treatment plans.
- A five-day turnaround time for the fabrication and delivery of custom aligners.

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