Dirk Jeffs Appointed as Ultradent’s CEO

Posted: May 27, 2020
Edited by Dentaltown staff

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah—Ultradent Products has announced Dirk Jeffs as the company's new CEO. Jeffs is assuming the role while also retaining his current position as company president.

Dirk Jeffs Appointed as Ultradent’s CEO

Ultradent founder Dr. Dan Fischer is shifting out of his longtime role as CEO and will remain active with the company as CEO Emeritus. He will be involved in a variety of capacities such as research and development projects, outreach, and lecturing.

“Dirk’s leadership record is remarkable and his commitment to Ultradent’s core values is evident throughout his 24 years with us,” Fischer said. “His experience, attitude, and demeanor will serve Ultradent and the dental industry well.”

Jeffs joined Ultradent in 1996 and has led numerous growth opportunities, including developing satellite operations in Europe, Japan, China, and Brazil.

“Dr. Fischer’s impact on dentistry can’t be understated and I’d like to thank him for the exemplary leader he’s been for Ultradent employees as well as the industry as a whole over more than four decades,” Jeffs says. “Dentistry is facing unique challenges and we’re committed to empowering clinicians to better serve their patients. I look forward to supporting the passionate and talented people of Ultradent as we pursue our mission to improve oral health globally. We’re all grateful to have Dr. Fischer remain engaged with our company as an advisor, mentor, and speaker.”

Jeffs is a graduate of Brigham Young University, where he earned his MBA.


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