DynaFlex Launches DynaFusion Digital Prescription Submission Software

Posted: June 17, 2020
Edited by Orthotown staff

ST. ANN, Mo.—DynaFlex has launched DynaFusion, a digital prescription submission software that allows offices to leave prints and emailing PDF’s behind.

The DynaFusion Digital Rx System gives DynaFlex customers the ability to submit prescriptions and digital files while giving their teams access to fully manage orthodontic and sleep laboratory cases. Users can log in, create a new case, attach or link to the scan to submit. They can reference or check the status of those cases through the DynaFusion current cases management system. Then, using the already established online portal, they can track their case shipments and pay invoices, all with one login. The service is free.

DynaFusion allows either the office or a DynaFlex designer (in coordination with the office) to establish a library of templates. Orthodontists can start a case from a template, add the patient’s name and due date information, make any necessary adjustments, attach scans and submit a case. Once a case is submitted, orthodontists can view, download, save or print the final work order.

For more information, visit dynaflex.com/dynafusion-about.
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