OrVance Launches Aligner Pontics Solution for Patient Use

Posted: July 27, 2020
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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—OrVance, a Grand Rapids-based developer of proprietary oral care products has launched OrVance Aligner Pontics.

OrVance Aligner Pontics are specifically designed to fill the space of missing (or partially missing) teeth in clear aligner trays and retainers during orthodontic treatment and dental procedures. The product comes in hygienic single-use applications and is made from a permanently pliable medical grade silicone with food-safe colorants in the Vita Shade range of A2–D2.

OrVance Launches the First Aligner Pontics Solution for Patient Use

To apply:
• Both the pontic and the aligner tray (or retainer) must be completely dry to achieve proper adhesion.
• Open the individual application.
• Mold the OrVance Aligner Pontic to the approximate size of the space of the missing tooth.
• Insert the pontic into the desired space, pushing it down firmly towards the bottom and against the front surface (use the enclosed applicator for insertion and removal if necessary).
• Apply and wear aligner tray or retainer as usual. Use a new pontic with each aligner tray or replace in retainer trays as needed.

For more information on the OrVance Aligner Pontic, visit Orvance.com.
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