ClearCorrect Launches Digital Treatment Design Tool

The solution offers personalized progress tracking for patients and a streamlined treatment planning process for providers
Posted: September 28, 2020
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AUSTIN—ClearCorrect, a Straumann Group brand and manufacturer of clear aligners has launched a new digital treatment design tool, ClearPilot, that gives providers enhanced visibility and responsive control as they review and approve their ClearCorrect clear aligner cases. This advanced platform is designed to save clinicians time as they create effective treatment plans for their patients.
The upgraded web-based platform expands on the tools that providers can utilize to create personalized treatment plans for patients. ClearPilot features easy-to-access comments and technician notes, prescription details for side-by-side comparison, treatment overview, movement table, superimposition, millimeter grids and more.

“ClearPilot is an innovative advancement in ClearCorrect clear aligner treatment, offering enhanced convenience and tools that meet providers’ needs,” said Artem Borovinskikh, global head of ortho software technology for Straumann Group Orthodontics. “We’re proud to offer an enhanced web-based functionality that ensures our providers receive the latest updates without having to download or upgrade patches.”
This platform was developed by prioritizing feedback from clinicians. Designed to be both advanced and accessible, ClearPilot gives providers the option to easily share the treatment animation directly with their patients to enhance patient communication.
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