Orthodontic Partners Selects Ortho2 Edge Cloud as Exclusive Practice Management System

Posted: November 30, 2020
Edited by Orthotown staff

AMES, Iowa—Ortho2 has finalized a new agreement with Orthodontic Partners to become the company's exclusive practice management software provider. Ortho2 is an orthodontic practice management software platform with more than 2,700 customers worldwide. Ortho2’s Edge Cloud delivers premium practice management, imaging, and communication solutions and features optimized private cloud computing, comprehensive management, patient reminders, education animations, apps, and more.

Ortho2 has provided practice management solutions in a variety of settings, including universities, recent graduate offices, individual and group practices, dental service organizations (DSOs) and orthodontic service organizations (OSOs).

“We are very excited to provide our cloud-based, cutting-edge technology and service-oriented support to this group of premier orthodontists,” said Craig Scholz, vice president of emerging technologies at Ortho2. “With Drs. Kozlowski and Reynolds as founders, Drs. Sarver and Trulove as clinical leaders, an unparalleled management team and a unique orthodontic vision, we are certain Orthodontic Partners will be one of the most respected and innovative groups in the orthodontic industry. We look forward to helping them in their continual growth, as well as widening Ortho2’s customer base in the DSO and OSO markets.”

Founded by some of the nation’s top orthodontists, Orthodontic Partners is a premier OSO whose growth is powered by the industry’s thought leaders.

“Ultimately, we believe the lasting security of this profession will be built through clinical innovation and superior patient outcomes. Our doctors care deeply about advancing our profession through continuous learning, growing and sharing,” said Chip Hurlburt, CEO of Orthodontic Partners. “Ortho2’s long history and commitment to the profession, along with their desire and ability to adapt to the increasingly complex needs of the orthodontic industry with their Edge Cloud solutions made them a perfect fit with our vision.”
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