American Orthodontics Introduces BracePaste Band and Build LC

Posted: January 20, 2021
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SHEBOYGAN, Wis.—On the heels of BracePaste Color Change, American Orthodontics has introduced BracePaste Band and Build LC. This fluoride releasing, light cure band cement adds another option for orthodontists within the BracePaste product family.

American Orthodontics Introduces BracePaste Band and Build LC

The blue color of BracePaste Band and Build LC allows for easy clean up and will not wear on opposing enamel when used as an occlusal build-up material. The cement provides optimum bonding of molar bands. It is a single paste system with no mixing required and no working time constraints.

“Because of the success of BracePaste, we’ve been able to add to the BracePaste product family,” says AO product manager Lindsey Cadoo. “BracePaste Color Change and BracePaste Band and Build LC are both designed so that orthodontists can confidently treat patients without worrying about bonding issues.”

The new product is available in syringes and is stored at room temperature. 

For more information, contact your AO representative.
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