DynaFlex Launches New Ultra Premium Material For Aligners and Retainers

Posted: January 21, 2021
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ST LOUIS—After several years of product development, DynaFlex has announced the launch of Glacier, its new material used in fabrication of aligners and retainers.

DynaFlex Launches New Ultra Premium Material For Aligners and Retainers

Glacier Ultra Premium Thermoform Material focuses on patient comfort while providing strength, durability and clarity. The material is extremely ductile, utilizing DynaFlex's Grab-Force technology that aids in precise tooth movement and predictable results. Glacier material requires less blockout, has superior clarity and provides patient comfort. 

The material is produced in the U.S. with the newest formulation and manufacturing technique to ensure a better performing material that will move teeth at a consistent rate. Glacier is manufactured with a protective film and multiple layering so the end product will have maximum transparency along with a resilience to stress even when the material is flexed or bent. The material has been tested for biocompatibility in accordance with ISO 10993.

 For more information, visit dynaflex.com, contact your local representative or call Dynaflex's customer care team at 866-346-5665.
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