Smile Stream Solutions Announces Acquisition Of OrthoEssentials

Posted: February 3, 2021
Edited by Orthotown staff

CENTENNIAL, Colo.—Smile Stream Solutions has formally announced its acquisition of OrthoEssentials, a full-service provider of orthodontic supplies located in Mt. Holly, New Jersey.

“The acquisition of Ortho Essentials is an integral part of our growth strategy, while further supporting our mission and value proposition to our customers. By expanding upon our product and service portfolio, leveraging our operational efficiencies, and adding years of market intelligence to our team, we are that much better positioned within the marketplace as well," said Tom Macari, CEO and president of Smile Stream Solutions.

Smile Stream Solutions intends on maintaining continuity of the OrthoEssentials brand and operations, along with its local management team.

“Our objective is to only enhance the vitality and exceptional experience of our collective customers,” said Macari.

"We were impressed with the vision Smile Stream Solutions presented to us, and what that could mean for our growth into the future. We are all very excited to collaborate with the Smile Stream Solutions’ team in a way that preserves our philosophy of serving our customers as active partners, not just as a supplier," said Ron and Brenda Baron, previous owners and now co-general managers of OrthoEssentials.

The transaction closed on December 23, 2020.
Sally Gross, Member Services Specialist
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