Ultradent Partners with American Orthodontics

Posted: February 16, 2021
Edited by Orthotown staff

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah—Ultradent Products and American Orthodontics have announced a partnership in which American Orthodontics will exclusively distribute Ultradent’s Opal Orthodontics branded products to orthodontists in the United States.
“We’re thrilled to begin this journey with American Orthodontics. Their commitment to excellence is admirable,” says Ultradent President Dirk Jeffs. “Combining the visions and capabilities of Ultradent and American Orthodontics will benefit clinicians and patients for many years to come.”
As privately-owned companies, both American Orthodontics and Ultradent share similar corporate values, cultures of continuous improvement, and commitment to their customers, employees, and communities. These similarities present a unique opportunity to complement the shared ideal of promoting the orthodontic and dental professions.
“American Orthodontics always seeks ways to take the best possible care of our customers and we are thrilled to partner with Ultradent to further that mission,” says Randy Benz, American Orthodontics CEO. “The quality orthodontic products, brand recognition and excellent reputation of Ultradent is a natural fit for us and our customers as we broaden our product offerings.”
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