Grin Partners with Henry Schein Orthodontics and Launches Remote Orthodontic Consultations

Posted: February 25, 2021
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NEW YORK—Grin, a comprehensive digital orthodontic platform that provides orthodontic solutions in partnership with trusted local doctors, announced a partnership with Henry Schein and a new remote consultation feature. Henry Schein will offer the Grin Remote Monitoring Platform and Grin Remote Consultation to their doctor network across the United States.

The Grin experience consists of the Grin App and Grin Scope, which is an FDA listed medical device. Remote consultation provides clinicians with a cost effective alternative virtual solution to time consuming initial consults. Combined with Grin Remote Monitoring, this new feature delivers ideal visibility resulting in insights that assist doctors in cost effective lead generation along with safe and convenient care. 

The Grin Remote Consultation journey leverages Grin virtual care technology—previously reserved for Grin partner doctors and patients already engaged in orthodontic care—and now allows for a pre-treatment touchpoint. Patients can request a consultation with local participating orthodontists through a variety of channels such as participating practices’ engagement platforms or direct doctor referrals. 

The Grin Scope is an orthodontist created, proprietary device that serves as an intraoral adapter. It is designed to retract the cheeks to allow a full view of a patient’s mouth. The entire system is powered by the Grin App; patients are guided to self-scan their teeth for an orthodontist-ready video. Doctors receive the intraoral self-scan video of their potential patient and send back a short video analysis of the most appropriate treatment options and pathways. 

“Consultations are a critical, yet costly step in the process of generating new business and establishing trustworthy doctor-patient relationships. They have the potential to eat up a patient’s valuable time and can be financially inefficient for orthodontists,” said Grin CEO Adam Schulhof, DMD. “We listened to Grin network members, including our new partner Henry Schein, that virtual consultations would address the desire to develop leads while adhering to today’s safety requirements. We’re committed to helping orthodontists generate new opportunities and are excited to work with Henry Schein to provide practitioners nationwide the innovative tools necessary to increase convenience and cost competitiveness.”

"At Henry Schein Orthodontics, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions for our customers,” said Brian Brady, vice president of sales at Henry Schein Orthodontics. “We are delighted to partner and distribute the Grin Remote Monitoring Platform that will aid our doctors and customers alike with minimal touch orthodontics."

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