Candid and Carbon Announce Partnership to Produce Clear Aligners

Posted: March 2, 2021
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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—3D printing technology company Carbon and Candid, a digital platform for oral health care, are teaming up to produce accurate, efficient, and reliable models for clear aligners. Using Carbon’s L1 printers and DLS process, Candid is introducing Candid Pro, its orthodontics-as-a-service doctor driven clear aligner therapy offering designed specifically for dental and orthodontic practices. 
Candid offers an end-to-end approach including the use of a patent-pending treatment plan methodology, an intuitive technology platform built for clinicians and a suite of patient support. By leveraging Carbon DLS, Candid will provide dental clinicians with an effective, efficient and scalable way to deliver clear aligner therapy for patients. 
“We are proud to partner with Candid to enable them to deliver the best fitting aligners on the market at scale, enabling clinicians to deliver affordable and effective treatment for patients,” says Phil DeSimone, chief product and business development officer. “Carbon’s L1 production system will enable Candid to efficiently and reliably produce millions of highly accurate aligner models and deliver bespoke solutions for each patient at scale.”
The technology platform within Candid’s end-to-end approach includes Carbon’s L1 printer. The L1 printer is a large-format 3D printer using the Carbon DLS process that allows organizations to prototype and produce large parts and smaller parts more economically.
“Any one patient requires a series of fully customized and accurate models for their teeth straightening process,” said Brian Ganey, senior vice president of Sales. “By leveraging the L1 Production Solution, we can scale production significantly and produce at record speeds, ultimately meeting the doctor and patient expectations as they anticipate the start of their clear aligner treatment. We’re proud to partner with Carbon whose 3D printing process enables us to produce customized aligners at scale at a cost that is viable for patients.”  
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