OrVance Launches Retainer and Aligner Cleaner Requiring Two Cleanings per Week

Posted: March 8, 2021
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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—Oral health product developer OrVance launched a removable orthodontic appliance cleaner that requires only two cleanings per week.  

OrVance Retainer Cleaner is and effervescent cleaning product specifically designed for use with select removable oral appliances including: retainers, aligner trays, mouth guards, night guards, bruxing and TMJ appliances (the product is not intended to be used with dentures or removable bridges). OrVance Retainer Cleaner offers a three-month supply (28 tablets) as well as patient samples of 4’s (2-week supply) for orthodontic and dental practices. Packaging and patient samples also provide a QR code to a quick video educating patients how to care for their retainers and aligners.

OrVance Launches First Retainer & Aligner Cleaner Requiring Only Two Cleanings per Week

For more information, visit orvance.com.
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