Gaidge Announces Software Integration with OrthoFi

Posted: April 29, 2021
Edited by Orthotown staff

GAINESVILLE, Ga.—Gaidge, a provider of business intelligence and practice analytics, announced the company's integration with OrthoFi, a provider of patient acquisition and revenue cycle management software. This integration of the companies’ software services means all OrthoFi clients will now have access to comprehensive practice analytics and reporting within the Gaidge platform without interruption or the need for dual entry into two systems.

Marking the first new integration of 2021, Gaidge continues to develop tools and solutions that allow practices to streamline their systems, leverage automation, increase visibility to business performance and save time managing the office.  

The companies have worked together to create streamlined services for their mutual clients and the integration offers time-savings and reliability of data that allows users to access the full benefits from both software systems.

OrthoFi's goal is to help practices "start more smiles" with easy-to-use treatment presentation tools, insurance verification, follow-up systems, billing and collections. The Gaidge platform is designed to give practice owners what they need to run their businesses better by providing on-demand comprehensive operational and financial business intelligence with over 80 practice metrics, industry benchmarks, customized goals and aggregated practice comparisons. 

“Both Gaidge and OrthoFi share a mission of helping orthodontists achieve more for their businesses by leveraging technology tools and data. We are thrilled about the benefits this integration will bring to clients who want to get the most out of both services,” said Ryan Moynihan, CEO, Gaidge. 

Sally Gross, Member Services Specialist
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