ClearCorrect Announces Faster Manufacturing Turnaround Time for Clear Aligners

American-made aligners will now ship in 10 days after clinician approval, allowing patients to jumpstart their treatment
Posted: June 8, 2021
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ROUND ROCK, Texas—ClearCorrect, a Straumann Group brand and a manufacturer of clear aligners, is accelerating its manufacturing turnaround time, standardizing the time from case approval to shipping to 10 days. The shortened turnaround time will allow ClearCorrect clinicians to quickly provide their patients with aligners and reduce the time required to begin treatment.
ClearCorrect continues to regionalize its manufacturing, placing its end products closer to the user. For patients in the U.S. and Canada, aligners have always been manufactured solely in Texas. U.S. production allows for rapid delivery, while also guaranteeing all products meet the highest quality benchmarks. The company has also expanded manufacturing sites to Brazil and Germany. 
“ClearCorrect was founded by a dentist, harnessing innovation in order to equip clinicians to better meet the needs of their patients. This mandate has always been central to our vision,” said Christophe Carsault, ClearCorrect vice president of orthodontics, North America. “As more and more North Americans choose clear aligners, we understand the importance of rapid delivery so that they are able to quickly see results and achieve an improved smile. By committing to a standard 10-day manufacturing turnaround time, ClearCorrect is raising the bar for the entire clear aligner industry and opening up new options to patients.” 
Sally Gross, Member Services Specialist
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