Ormco Launches Damon Ultima System

Posted: June 22, 2021
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BREA, Calif.—Ormco has announced its introduction of the Damon Ultima System, a passive self-ligation braces technology. The company is introducing a fully reengineered bracket and wire integrated system designed for faster and more precise finishing by providing orthodontists with earlier and precise control of rotation, angulation and torque. This patented technology is designed to deliver the signature Damon Smile faster, with fewer appointments and better patient comfort.

Ormco Launches Damon Ultima System
“We are thrilled with the technological break-throughs made in developing the Damon Ultima System as part of our commitment to help orthodontists resolve wire-bracket slop issue that they have been working around for decades,” said Jeff Kappler, president of Ormco and senior vice president of Envista Holdings Corporation. “Orthodontists can now achieve earlier precise control with rotations completed in the first Damon Ultima round-sided rectangular wire and full expression with the second Damon Ultima wire with lighter forces. In the Ultima clinical study of approximately 133 patients across eight US orthodontic treatment offices, we have seen earlier rotational control in 98.8% of patients to date.”

The new system is completely reengineered with a unique round-sided rectangular wire and a parallelogram-shaped slot in the bracket that are designed to fit together precisely to virtually eliminate play. The design gives orthodontists precise control to move teeth more efficiently and reliably with gentler forces to help orthodontists finish faster with better patient comfort. 

The Damon Ultima brackets are available in the neutral, retrocline and procline options for enhanced torque control. Brackets are designed from the center point of the slot to line up with the FA point to express the desired torque and provide easier and more precise placement.  Larger size and different material Damon Ultima archwires are available for more torque control for challenging transverse or leveling. 

To learn more about Damon Ultima System, visit ormco.com/products/damon-ultima-system.
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